Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seperation Anxiety

As predicted, I had a slightly unpredictable horse on my hands today but made it through unscathed. Throughout Winter, I have been keeping the King in a large paddock with my sister's horse, and only today did it occur to me that, of course, they have forged an unspeakably close bond and could not bear to be apart for even one second. A familiar tale, it seems that even the most dire of paddock enemies will become instant BFFs as soon as one or the other is pulled out of the paddock for a ride. So I had some wild neighing and running along fence lines to deal with as well as wind and a VERY wet arena.
I generally try to keep horses in seperate paddocks for this very reason- they get attached, injure each other or injure themselves. About a month ago I came outside to find the the King had managed to rip off all of his rugs (cotton, woollen, heavy, plus neck rugs) and they were strewn across the paddock in about twenty pieces. His paddock friend had at the same time managed to put his leg into the fence resulting in a nasty cut. How it happened I will never know, but these are the things they seem to get up to when left to their own devices.
Anyhow, all is well, the King is now officially back in business and the best part is we still have a good three months before the show season truly kicks off again, plenty of time to convert his fat into something a little more useful.
Take care

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  1. Oooo, I'm so happy I can now hear about your adventures!
    More pictures please!