Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out of Work

The King's couple of months of convalesence are about to come to a wild and wooly end! He has been out of work since just after Mount Gambier Show mainly due to my busy semseter at uni, but with holidays upon us and a slightly clearer timetable on the cards for next semester it is time to deal with the mud, rain, wind, wet menage and hairy horse.
Bringing horses back into work is never all that enjoyable as it seems that everything that you had achieved has gone down the drain and you are left with a slightly wild beast who believes that gremlins reside behind every tree as you attempt to get them around the arena in some semblance of an outline.
The alternative is building up their fitness out on the roads, and I am lucky that where I live is not only hilly but relatively quiet traffic wise. However, this brings with it a whole new set of problems as there are alpacas around the corner to deal with, the occasional truck, and of course the rocks and puddles that so terrify your otherwise quiet horse.
Anyhow, with any luck the King will be his usual gentlemanly self and I won't have any broken bones or runaway horses to report.

Bye for now!

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