Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Today was a VERY wet day but I was determined to ride no matter what the weather conditions. I was going to float to a nearby indoor but in the end I decided to brave the questionable conditions and ride at home. I am glad I did because once I got over the slight discomfort of being soaking wet it was actually quite a nice feeling being out in the weather.
I rode on the the menage for about half an hour and then ventured out onto the road for a quiet walk. The King did not exactly share my enthusiam for the steep hills right outside our place but once we got to the top of the valley it was lovely to look out and see the weather rolling in.
Today I really worked on forwardness with the King. He has a very bad habit of sucking right back and just half heartedly chugging along at about 30 per cent of his capability. It is quite frustrating when they won't take any contact at all, and this is an issue that always comes back if he hasn'e had enough work. It is a constant battle to lengthen the frame and get his nose out. He went really well today after some VERY forward trot and canter work.

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